National Quality Policy 2016



The overall objective of the National Quality Policy (NQP) is to ensure that goods and services that are provided in the Gambia and are imported into the country are designed, manufactured and supplied to meet the needs, expectations, and requirements of the purchasers, consumers in the local as well as international markets.



The Specific Objectives of the National Quality Policy are centered on 5 thematic areas of the Policy, namely: Standards, Technical Regulations, Conformity Assessment, Accreditation, and Metrology. The specific objectives of the Policy are to:

  1. Establish a strong efficient and effective system for standardization
  2. Provide a framework for the establishment of a network of technically competent conformity assessment service providers in both the public and private sectors
  3. Establish a National Accreditation Body for the country 
  4. Strengthen the National Metrology System 

The Policy also aims to support the crosscutting thematic areas for the promoting of Quality and its related fields by:

  1. Promoting quality culture and awareness
  2. Providing education and Training Services on Quality
  3. Promoting Public-Private Partnership in Financing NQP;
  4. Establishing Quality Award Schemes
  5. Establishing Information Networks on Quality Issues
  6. Establishing Legal Frameworks
  7. Improving our participation of in the activities of Regional and International Quality Organizations and
  8. Improving Stakeholder Dialogue.
Policy Document