African Continent Free Trade Area Implementation Strategy 2020


The general objective of the Strategy is to bolster The Gambia’s trade with the AfCFTA member states in the next ten years in order to support economic growth and sustainable development. This objective is guided by the vision to leverage deeper integration within Africa to maximize welfare gains and food security, boost trade and investment, support structural transformation and enhance employment and business opportunities for The Gambia’s growing population in an inclusive and sustainable way.


Strategic Objectives of the AfCFTA are as follows:

  1. Strategic Objective 1 - Develop a cohesive and efficient common national approach to continental and regional integration.
  2. Strategic Objective 2 - Increase awareness around the AfCFTA for all stakeholders.
  3. Strategic Objective 3 -Build a strong institutional and regulatory framework to support the effective implementation of the AfCFTA Agreement.
  4. Strategic Objective 4 - Promote trade, value addition, and diversification of export products and markets within the AfCFTA region.
  5. Strategic Objective 5: Enhance production and productive capacity for domestic and exports markets under AfCFTA context.
  6. Strategic Objective 6: Facilitate the reduction of trade transaction costs through addressing Non-Tariffs barriers.
  7. Strategic Objective 7 - Support the integration of SMEs into regional value chains through production linkages and awareness creation.
  8. Strategic Objective 8 - Facilitate participation of youth, women, and vulnerable groups in exploiting existing and potential opportunities within the AfCFTA.