Attorney General’s Chambers and Ministry of Justice Strategic Plan 2015-2019


The Strategic Plan is aimed at strengthening and guiding the MOJ in fulfilling its statutory mandate and help in the realization of a strengthened, knowledge-based, service-oriented institution, capable of providing efficient and competent legal advice to the Government, and services to the public with ease, and in the process empower the citizens in the exercise of their rights and increased access to justice.


The Strategic Objectives will guide the MOJ, its units, departments, and agencies in fulfilling its mandates, and prioritize scarce resources for upholding the principle of the rule of law, access to justice and judicial independence in The Gambia. This will have the effect of increasing the magnitude and competence of legal and judicial institutions, while also strengthening the demand and the provision of the necessary legal services with ease and efficiency. Focusing the direction of the MOJ will also entail increasing legal awareness and empowering citizens in the exercise of their rights and to increased access to justice, as envisaged in the National Development Plan 2018- 2021.

Therefore, the strategic plan aims to:

  • Clearly define the strategic objectives and expected outputs and outcomes for the next five years;
  • Provide for the Ministry’s internal services, a well-defined framework for detailed planning, thus avoiding the risks of duplication and ensuring alignment with the National Development Plan. The development of an annual implementation plan will provide a solid foundation and a safeguard for smooth continuity along the years;
  • Provide direction and guidance for, collaboration with, and support from, current and potential development partners of the Ministry;
  • Detail the cost outlay of the Ministry’s activities, to facilitate and guide adequate resource mobilization;
  • Improve monitoring and evaluation of the Ministry’s activities; • Communicate to the Gambian public the programmes and processes of the MOJ for the next five years, hence foster and enhance transparency and accountability;
  • Promote and strengthen decentralization, coordination and the administration and management capacity of the MOJ; and
  • Enhance productivity and overall performance of the MOJ, through capacity building and reduction of high attrition rate.