Data Protection & Privacy Policy and Strategy 2019


To lay the foundations of an institutional and legal framework for data protection and privacy that will give effect to Section 23 of the Constitution of The Republic of The Gambia and to express the commitment of the Government of The Gambia to ensure the protection of personal data and associated rights of individuals and in particular the right to privacy.


The Specific Objectives of the Policy are as follows:

  • To inform the development of data protection and privacy law to safeguard personal data and the rights to data protection and privacy of individuals;
  • To help establish appropriate institutional frameworks to ensure the effective implementation and oversight of national data protection and privacy law;
  • To establish internationally recognized best practices in data protection and privacy law;
  • To ensure appropriate safeguards for the processing of special categories of personal data to prevent adverse effects for individuals;
  • To ensure additional protection with regards to the processing of personal data about children in accordance with Article 10 of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (1990) and possibly for other vulnerable groups of individuals;
  • To establish a requirement for an independent and impartial National Supervisory Authority appropriately empowered to sufficiently oversee, monitor, and enforce compliance and safeguarding of the data protection and privacy rights of individuals.