Revenue Administration - Customs and Excise Department - Risk Management Policy 2016


 The Risk Management policy seeks to minimise the uncertainty generated by risk leading to adverse effects on these obligations. The adverse risk could cause loss of revenue, inhibit facilitation of trade negative affect service delivery and permit unprofessional conduct of employees.


The Specific Objectives of the Policy are:

  • Government revenue collections are maximised, in accordance with the law,
  • The principles and practices of risk management are fully integrated into all Customs operational strategies, procedures, business practices and training courses of the Department,
  • The Department develops an operational environment in which all staff assume responsibility for managing risk,
  • The likelihood and consequences of risk are reduced throughout the Department,
  • Resources are effectively and efficiently deployed,
  • All Customs Border Posts are efficiently and effectively controlled,
  • Trade facilitation is enhanced through the application of risk management,
  • The integrity of all Customs systems and procedures are maintained.
  • Detail the process for escalating and reporting risks, Communicate the Department’s policies, approaches and attitudes to risk management