Data and Microdata Dissemination Policy for The Gambia 2018


To provide a framework for which data users will be able to access reliable data from The Gambia National Statistical System (NSS), including Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBoS) for evidence-based policy formulation by using the integrated macro and micro data, administrative data and GIS related information. The specific objectives of the policy are, but not limited to:

  •  Promote the data dissemination systems and scope.
  • Adoption of new technology application used for data dissemination.
  • Promote the standard for timely and quality data provision to all users.
  •  Promote openness of data and in machine readable formats.


The policy is to achieve excellence in disseminating official statistics to inform decision-making and planning processes and evidence-based monitoring and evaluation of various socioeconomic development programs in the country. This will be achieved through perfect continuous data collection, analysis of censuses, surveys and use of administrative data from different organizations.