Domestic Tax Department Compliance Risk Management Framework and Implementation Plan 2015-2019


  • Government revenue collections are maximised in accordance with the revenue laws
  • The principles and practices of risk management are fully integrated into all Domestic Tax Department operational strategies, procedures, business processes and training programmes of the Department
  • The Department develops an operational environment in which all staff assume responsibility for managing risk
  • The likelihood and consequences of adverse risks are reduced throughout the Department
  • Resources are effectively and efficiently allocated and deployed
  • The integrity of all tax systems and procedures are maintained


The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) recognises the need to maximise its resources to meet its statutory obligations to the government and to the community. The Domestic Taxes Department’s mandates are to optimize compliance in accordance with revenue laws, collect revenues, and to offer customer service in a professional, transparent, effective and efficient manner to all stakeholders. The Compliance Risk Management (CRM) Framework is an effective tool intended to minimise the uncertainty generated by risk, which would impact on these mandates.