The Gambia Aid Policy 2015-2020


The Gambia Aid Policy (GAP) is to provide a framework for an optimal management of external resources in order to enhance its effectiveness and to provide a basis on which additional aid can be mobilized to narrow the gap between the required resources for the implementation of national development strategies and those available from domestic sources.


The GAP provides the institutional, regulatory, and operational and accountability
framework for sourcing and managing external aid resources, especially grants and loans, that qualify as Official Development Assistance (ODA).
• Definition of Aid Coordination and Management: Within the context of this policy, aid coordination and management is to be understood as a Government function to:
• Plan, negotiate, procure and allocate external aid resources to fund its development agenda.
• Manage, monitor and evaluate the implementation of projects and programmes, funded by external aid resources.
• Aims of the Policy:

  1. Putting in place a more strategic, coherent, and better coordinated development assistance institutional framework to achieve higher absorptive capacity;

  2. Strengthening collaboration between The Gambia’s development partners and national stakeholders for results-driven management of development assistance;

  3. Enhancing transparency in development assistance operations through the implementation of the AIMS; and

  4. Enhancing accountability both ways, between The Gambia and its international development partners.

Policy Document