Security Sector Reform Strategy 2020 – 2024


To ensure an effective and accountable security sector under democratic control with
respect for human rights and fundamental principles of good governance. To set out parameters
necessary to enable the fulfilment of legitimate security functions through reforms thus ensuring an accountable, effective and efficient security sector.


  • To entrench democratic practices that uphold the principles of good governance and justice system in line with International conventions, treaties and best practices.
  • To ensure a fully integrated and effective coordination of the Security Sector at National, Regional and District levels.
  • To ensure Civilian Management and Oversight bodies execute their functions in a robust, effective and efficient manner and in conformity with relevant legal and policy frameworks.
  • To mainstream gender within the security sector thus providing for the well-being of all vulnerable groups in line with international best practices.
  • To have a Security Sector that is compact, well-resourced and apolitical.


The Security Sector Reform Strategy (SSRS) is divided into Five (5) Strategic Priorities
        Priority Area 1: Addressing Post-Authoritarian Legacies
        Priority Area 2: Developing Overarching Security Governance Legal and Policy Framework
        Priority Area 3: Reform activities to enable Civil Management and Oversight
        Priority Area 4: Reform imperatives to address cross cutting perennial challenges
        Priority Area 5: Specific reform activities relating to respective security institutions


  1. A comprehensive, integrated and effective coordination of the Security Sector.
  2. Outline priority areas for interventions.
  3. Layout plans for resources mobilization.
  4. Develop and implement institutional regulatory frameworks, policies and strategies.