National Cooperative Policy 2021 - 2030


The overall objective of the National Cooperative Policy is to develop a vibrant, autonomous, and economically viable cooperative movement to address societal challenges contributing to poverty and food insecurity reduction.



The National Cooperative Policy has three specific objectives which form an integrated system that enhances and nurtures capacities across three interdependent capacity development dimensions in an external environment, within the organizations and individuals. They are:

1. To establish and enforce the legal and regulatory environment needed for enhancing coordination and collaboration amongst relevant stakeholders.

  • Implementation Strategy 1: Creation of the necessary legal environment to facilitate the cooperative movement to operate and develop.
  • Implementation Strategy 2: Establishing supportive bodies for enforcing the cooperative policy and its law and regulations.

2. To support cooperatives set up efficient rules, mandates, mechanisms, and procedures that generate motivation and engagement.

  • Implementation Strategy 3: The National Cooperative policy will put in place mechanisms for active members’ ownership
  • Implementation Strategy 4: The National Cooperative policy shall Promote members’ incentives and mechanisms for self-financing of the cooperative organizations and reduce its reliance on government and donor financial support.
  • Implementation Strategy 5: The National Cooperative Policy will promote the development of robust cooperative business strategies
  • Implementation Strategy 6: The cooperative policy shall promote, in the medium and long term, the conditions necessary for establishing an efficient operational structure for the cooperative movement.

3. To support cooperatives, develop their capacities by enhancing the ability and capacity of cooperative leaders and members.

  • Implementation Strategy 7: Establish a broad training program for leaders and members
  • Implementation Strategy 8: The National Cooperative Policy will promote capacity development on a participatory basis.
Policy Document