National Horticulture Sector Strategy 2020-2024


  • The National Horticulture Sector Strategy (NHSS) has been developed to support the realization of Gambia’s National Development Plan objectives of modernizing agriculture, particularly with regards to the promotion of value chain development in horticulture, in a coordinated and sustained manner. The strategy also builds upon the National Horticulture Master plan (2015-2035), focusing on a shorter time span of five years - 2020-2024.


The specific objectives of the strategy are:

  • Facilitate market-led production of high-quality horticultural produce to meet domestic and export needs, as well as contribute to the nutritional wellbeing of Gambians.
  • Promote agro-processing and value addition for the domestic and export markets.
  • Strengthen support services for the horticulture sector in the areas of research, technical advisory services, and the supply of quality inputs.
  • Improve market information, business development, and access to finance to support the development of the horticulture sector.
  • Build and strengthen the organizational capacities of farmers’ associations and cooperatives engaged in horticulture.
  • Put in place a supportive policy environment, establish and/or strengthen the institutional framework for more effective coordination, and facilitate the availability of quality data to support planning and policy development for the horticulture sector.