Agriculture and Natural Resource Policy (ANR) 2017-2026


To maximize poverty reduction and enhancement of food, income, and nutrition securities
through the optimal utilization of the resources of the sector consistent with safeguarding the
the integrity of the environment.


The specific objectives of the Agriculture and Natural Resource (ANR) Policy are to:

  • To achieve higher level of production and productivity of primary commodities through rehabilitation, intensification and expansion of ANR production systems and processes;
  • To enhance higher level of expansion and development of the food industry sub sector;
  • To achieve wider and more effective participation and representation of subsistence farmers/operators especially women and youths in modern and commercial production, agribusiness, and trade;
  • To achieve balanced development between the ANR sector and other sectors of the economy; and
  • To enhance the economic and structural integration of the ANR sector with the rest of the economy especially, manufacturing, and tourism;
  • The realization of the underlying growth and developmental objectives of the overarching objective of the ANR Policy (2017/2026), in particular, the implicit transformation of the sector will be pursued through the following strategies:
    1. Optimizing Resource Use;
    2. Accelerated Agro-based Industries;
    3. Enhancement of R&D Effort and Technology Diffusion;
    4. Greater Role of the Private Sector;
    5. Reformed Marketing Strategy;
    6. Expanded Food Production;
    7. Human Resource Development; and
    8. Development of Viable and Self-Reliant Farmer/Fishermen’s Institutions.