The General Orders of The Public Service of The Gambia


The overall aim of the General Orders’ arrangements is to introduce a managerial and discipline concept into the Public Service and, insofar as is compatible with the generally accepted
structure of the Service, to delegate as much responsibility as possible to operational Ministries and Departments.


The General Orders cover the following areas:

  • Appointments, Promotions, Resignations and Retirement;
  • Conduct and Discipline;
  • Leave and Passages;
  • Transport and Travelling Entitlements within The Gambia;
  • Scholarships, Training, Conferences, Attachments and Official Visits;
  • Miscellaneous Allowances;
  • Medical and Dental Treatment;
  • Private Work by Government Officers;
  • Use of Government Transport;
  • Use of Government Quarters and Government Buildings;
  • Government Business;
  • Officers Engaged on Special Terms; and
  • Schemes of Service.