Personnel Procedures Manual 2013


The Manual clearly ensures the standardisation of human resource policies, strategies and regulations in order to: -

  • Provide a uniform system of human resource administration throughout the civil service;
  • Assist managers in the development of sound management practices and procedures, and to make effective and consistent use of human resource policies throughout the civil service;
  • Promote effective communication among managers, supervisors and employees;
  • Ensure, protect, and clarify the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employees.


  • Categories and Grades of Public Officers divided into the following:
    • Category V Officers in Grades 11 and above;
    • Category IV Officers in Grades 7 to 10;
    • Category III Officers in Grades 4 to 6;
    • Category II Officers in Grades 2 and 3; and
    • Category I Officers in Grade 1.

The power to appoint, exercise disciplinary control and remove officers in the public service from office, is vested in the Public Service Commission. In the context of the Administrative Reform Programme, Government issued a policy statement on personnel management in the public service which stated, inter alia:

“Government, whilst reaffirming its commitment to the Public Service Commission (PSC) as an independent safeguard against improper interference in the management of the humanresources of the operational arm of government, has decided that the PSC should increase theamount of delegated authority to the PMO and Ministries.”

This procedures manual has been produced to help personnel officers in Ministries and Departments carry out their increased responsibilities with efficiency and fairness; and to help Heads of Departments and Permanent Secretaries come to terms with the fact that they are now the “appointing authority” for certain categories of staff.